All the Details

The Big Day

The ceremony is in the Eastern Market, North Exhibit Hall and will begin at 6 PM. A reception with cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing will follow at the same location. Dress code is semi-formal. Don’t forget your dancing shoes!

Guests staying at the Phoenix Park Hotel can take a cab to Eastern Market or take the Circulator Bus from Union Station and get off at the Pennsylvania Ave & 8th St SE stop.

The reception ends at midnight. Anyone who isn’t quite finished celebrating should join us at the Dubliner (located at the Phoenix Park Hotel) for another round or three.

After The Big Day

We invite those who are still in town to join us as we watch the Seattle Seahawks play the Chicago Bears at Penn Social near the Chinatown metro station. We’ll be gathering starting at 4 PM.

Getting to DC

DC is accessible via National, Dulles, and Baltimore airports as well as Amtrak. These directions assume you are staying at the Phoenix Park Hotel which is a short walk from Union Station.

  • National: Take the DC Metro northbound yellow line (towards Greenbelt, Fort Totten or Mt Vernon Square) at the airport and transfer at Gallery Place to the red line. After 10 PM it’s probably best to take a cab as Metro service will be infrequent.
  • Dulles: Take the Silver Line Shuttle Bus to the DC Metro eastbound silver line (towards Largo Town Center). Transfer to the eastbound red line (towards Glenmont or Silver Spring) at Metro Center and get off at the Union Station stop. You can also take a cab but Dulles is further away from DC and the cab ride will be at least $80.
  • Baltimore: Take the free shuttle bus to BWI Marshall Rail Station. From there, take the MARC Train and Amtrak to Union Station in Washington DC. Super Shuttle is also an option. For this airport, we suggest making your plans to get to DC in advance.
  • Amtrak: The hotel is a 3 minute walk from Union Station


Guests will not need a car while in DC and we’d encourage you not to worry about renting one while you’re here.

The easiest way to get around is via the DC Metro a system of trains and buses. The hotel is near the Union Station stop on the red line, and the Eastern Market stop on the orange and blue lines are close to the wedding site.

You can also travel on the DC Circulator bus to many locations. The fare is only $1 each way.

If you plan on using public transportation, you should purchase a SmartTrip card for each member of your group as paper card fares are more expensive. Card dispensers at are every station and cost $10 ($2 for the card + $8 in fare value). SmartTrip can be used for MetroRail, MetroBus and the DC Circulator and can be reloaded with money as needed.


UPDATE: All hotel rooms at the Phoenix Park hotel are booked.


We're registered at the following places.

Please know that gifts are not required. Your presence is so much more important.

Things to Do

DC is full of things to do many of them free of charge. We love taking walks on the National Mall. You can easily access most of the memorials and museums from there. The National Zoo is a short walk from the Woodley Park stop on the Red Line, and right now there is a baby panda cub to visit.

Below are a few links to get you started.

Our Story

How we Met


My friend Amelia Showalter was holding her 30th birthday party at Hank's Oyster Bar in Dupont. I was there with my friend Brandon Lorenz who didn't really know anyone else. I first noticed Micheál during a game of Cards Against Humanity. His answers were always really funny and nerdy. I remember thinking here was this cute nerdy guy who was probably too young for me.

After the game a small group of us got to talking about the new Star Trek movie. I don't remember how it came up but one of us said that Deep Space Nine was the best Trek series and the other agreed rather enthusiastically. Before long the two of us were in a long conversation, leaving the others in our group left out. Brandon left abruptly but texted me "Don't screw this up." so I guess he could see the sparks flying.

We talked all night and it turns out we had a lot in common. We're both campaign junkies, nerds, and cat lovers. We also lived just a couple of blocks from one another. Micheál walked me home and asked for my email address at the end of the night. I gave it to him and told him if he asked me out for coffee I'd say yes.


Melissa and I met at Amelia's birthday party though we would later discover we had been at a number of parties prior to that. I got into a discussion about the latest Star Trek movie with her friend Brandon who I assumed was her date. We started talking about the TV series and Melissa stated that Deep Space Nine was the best of them. I agreed and a connection was born.

We chatted the rest of the night away and afterwards, I walked most of the way home with her. I asked for her email and she gave it saying that if I asked her out, she would say yes. Initially though, we invited each other to parties at each other's apartments.

It took me a while to ask her out on an official date but with some prodding from friends, I finally did. Sparks flew immediately and before we knew it, we were going out multiple times a week.

Dating in DC


I was having friends over for drinks a few days so I emailed Micheál to invite him. He showed up in a suit, for an outdoor happy hour in June. At the time I thought that's just how he dressed for work every day! Then he invited me to his birthday party so we had a couple of chances to hang out before our first actual date.

Said first date was in Adams Morgan, where we both lived. We went to Bourbon for drinks and then continued at The Reef. Again he wore a suit which I only now realize was an effort to make a good impression! I remember him being so easy to talk to. After the first 15 minutes or so I stopped being nervous.

From there things just clicked. I have fond memories of our first summer of dating. We'd go out in Adams Morgan or on 14th street. We had a lot of mutual friends so there was always a party or a happy hour to go to. And of course we fell in love with one another's cats so hanging out at either of our apartments was fun too. We quickly went from seeing one another a couple of nights a week so spending every waking moment together!


We had an easier time than most dating - we lived a block from each other in Adams Morgan. That made going out to a bar or restaurant on a minute's notice incredibly easy. In time, we joked that we had a two-bedroom apartment together, just in two places.

While our respective cats liked the other, they were all less than pleased by the fact that they now had part time humans. We realized we could get a great place together and decided to integrate our cats.

The One


I knew Micheál was a great guy and a great boyfriend from our first date, and it didn't take long for me to figure out he was a keeper. He was supportive and affectionate in a way that no one else in my life had been. He thought I was chill, which seemed ridiculous until I realized that when we were hanging out I actually was. I also heard through the grapevine about how he was always telling people at work how amazing his girlfriend was, which really meant a lot to me.

I knew I wanted to marry him a few days after we'd moved in together. I came down with bronchitis at the worst possible time and ended up being bed ridden for over a week. Micheál unpacked our apartment and took care of me without complaining once. After that experience, there was no doubt he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with!


I knew Melissa was the one when I realized there I didn't have any lingering doubts or reservations about our relationship. She makes me ridiculously happy and we get along so well. We handle our disagreements maturely and each of us brings out the best in the other.

The Proposal


We were in Las Vegas for my friend Brent Blackaby's 40th birthday. The weekend had been so much fun and I was already on a high from the celebration. Sunday evening we said our goodbyes to the group and went to the High Roller ferris wheel to see views of the city. There was a happy hour special where for $5 you could ride in a car with a bar inside it, so we went for that.

I should have known something was up when Micheál agreed to go on the big wheel and bought the tickets. (He doesn't enjoy this kind of thing like I do.) We were having a blast taking pictures and enjoying rail drinks as our car made its way to the top.

When he said he wanted to marry me I didn't realize what was happening at first. I think I responded something like "Yeah, I want to marry you too." It was only when I saw the ring that I realized what was happening! I said yes and he put the ring on my finger. The bartender poured us shots, and we celebrated all the way back down!

The rest of that night is a total blur. We found a quiet place to call our parents and tell them the news. We called Amelia too. The plan had been to have dinner at Margaritaville and we still went there. Originally we talked about not saying anything until we got home but we were too excited. Before long we were texting all of our friends pictures of the ring to share the news!


The tricky thing about proposing was that Melissa knew one was coming. That made surprising her difficult to pull off. I eventually settled on proposing during our trip to Vegas for a friend's birthday - specifically, the giant-sized High Roller ferris wheel with large cabins (enough for a dozen people) and an open bar.

I decided to propose at the top of the thirty minute ride so the fifteen minutes leading up to the moment were particularly nerve-wracking. Once at the top, I popped the question but she was too busy taking pictures to notice I had proposed until she saw the ring. The bartender was the only person in the car to notice at first and asked if we'd like shots to celebrate. We obliged him.

What the future holds


Micheál likes to say that he calms me down and I lift him up. We compliment one another in many ways but that particular contrast is at the core of why our relationship works. We're a team and as long as we remain on the same team we'll be OK. I can't predict the future but I know there's no one I'd rather share a future with.


Melissa and I always tell each other that we're a team. We've always done our best to support the other in what we do so I know whatever we face in the future, we'll tackle it together.

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